C:32:60 lens error repair

error C-32-60, lens problem

A very common fault when the camera generates a loud buzzing sound and is unable to adjust focus.

Similar errors that could be displayed are E:61:10, E:61:11, E:62:00, E:62:10, E:62:01, C:32:60. This phenomenon affects many camcorders with built-in Sony G-lens, like HXR-NX5, HXR-NX3, HDR-AX2000, HVR-Z5, DCR-VX2200 or HDR-FX1000.


There is no need to replace the lens. Lens replacement is quite expensive and does not guarantee the problem will not come back soon.

A better and much cheaper solution is lens repair. After repair, the problem will disappear forever. It takes roughly 24 hours to repair the lens, complete with full lens adjustment (focus, back-focus, iris, stabilizer, hall sensors, etc.). Of course, if the lens is physically broken, the lenses are scratched or otherwise damaged we will suggest replacing the lens.

You can deliver the camera in person to our office or send a parcel by DPD, UPS, InPost, DHL or any other service you prefer.

Repair cost: £250.00 (VAT included)
Repair time: 24 hours