Camera diagnostics and maintenance £30

Sony and Panasonic camera diagnostics and inspections
Sony and Panasonic camera diagnostics and inspections

Periodic video camera inspections and diagnostics services (consumer, professional and broadcast) and photo cameras (DLSR and mirrorless).

If you have bought a camera and want to check its condition, counters, error logs, and whether everything is working properly, or just periodically clean the interior and test it, you are welcome to use our services.

The service costs £30 and takes depending on the model from 1 to 3 hours. This price also includes cleaning of the DV and miniDV mechanism and drum head.


The basic service costs £30 and includes:

  • counters reading (drum, tape and power ON, shutter, card insert/eject, etc.)
  • error logs reading (if available)
  • miniDV and DV tape mechanism cleaning (with drum)
  • inputs/outputs tests (SDI, XLR, HDMI, etc.)
  • lens tests (focus and back-focus, iris, stabilizer, etc.)


Advanced service includes:

  • Lens adjustment (focus, back focus, iris, gyro stabilizers)
  • Interior cleaning
  • Error log clearing