Equipment delivery

Personal or courier delivery:

You can deliver your equipment to our office either in person or by courier. In case of shipping, you can order the courier to pick up the package from your location by phone or online:

Preferred shipping method (fast and reliable) is DPD

Other shipping companies to consider:

Royal Mail:


Please email us the tracking number of the parcel after sending it.

It is very important that you include your full contact information (return address, email and phone number) and a short problem description. There is no need to issue RMA numbers or other documents. In case of warranty repair, you should also include a copy of proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, etc.).

You can also outsource our company and let us schedule a collection from your location at our expense. In that case, we need you to send us an email with your phone number and your address from which the shipment should be collected. We will email you a bill of lading, which you must print and attach to the package or give to the courier. The shipping cost will be added to the total price of the repair.

Packaging your equipment:

If possible, send your equipment in the original factory packaging box or hard case. If you don’t have an original box, use a box made from hard, dry and undamaged cardboard. The device (camera, recorder, etc.) must be placed in the package in such a way that it doesn’t touch any cardboard walls. Between the device and the cardboard, there must be at least a 1-2 inches of protective material like bubble wrap, sponge or cloth to be able to absorb any impact during transport. At the same time, the device must be rigidly affixed inside the package.

It is a good idea is to place the device in a hard case. You can also put the equipment in a regular camera bag and then put the bag into the cardboard.

Shipping insurance:

All couriers offer shipping insurance. Please add shipping insurance to the estimated equipment current value. The cost of insurance is not high but it is really worth your peace of mind.

Delivery and office address:

BR Centre
FAO: Peter Fleszar
15b Palace Close
SL1 5NG Slough, United Kingdom

phone 07539 327040