Repair of Sony professional cameras, monitors, controllers and recorders

This is a list of repaired Sony pro-video and broadcast equipment. This list is not complete and may not be accurate.

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Lists of repaired video and photo equipment:


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Sony Repairs
Sony Repairs
AWS-750Repair of Sony AWS-750. Anycast Touch portable live content producerAWS-750 repair
BPU-4000Repair of Sony BPU-4000.BPU-4000 repair
BPU-4500Repair of Sony BPU-4500.BPU-4500 repair
BRBK-301Repair of Sony BRBK-301.BRBK-301 repair
BRBK-302Repair of Sony BRBK-302.BRBK-302 repair
BRBK-H700Repair of Sony BRBK-H700.BRBK-H700 repair
BRBK-HSD1Repair of Sony BRBK-HSD1.BRBK-HSD1 repair
BRBK-HSD2Repair of Sony BRBK-HSD2.BRBK-HSD2 repair
BRBK-IP10Repair of Sony BRBK-IP10.BRBK-IP10 repair
BRBK-IP7ZRepair of Sony BRBK-IP7Z.BRBK-IP7Z repair
BRBK-MF1Repair of Sony BRBK-MF1.BRBK-MF1 repair
BRBK-SA1Repair of Sony BRBK-SA1.BRBK-SA1 repair
BRBK-SF1Repair of Sony BRBK-SF1.BRBK-SF1 repair
BRC-300PRepair of Sony BRC-300P.BRC-300P repair
BRC-H700Repair of Sony BRC-H700.BRC-H700 repair
BRC-H800Repair of Sony BRC-H800.BRC-H800 repair
BRC-H900Repair of Sony BRC-H900.BRC-H900 repair
BRC-X1000Repair of Sony BRC-X1000.BRC-X1000 repair
BRC-Z330Repair of Sony BRC-Z330.BRC-Z330 repair
BRC-Z700Repair of Sony BRC-Z700.BRC-Z700 repair
BRS-200Repair of Sony BRS-200.BRS-200 repair
BRU-SF10Repair of Sony BRU-SF10.BRU-SF10 repair
CA-FB70Repair of Sony CA-FB70.CA-FB70 repair
CA-TX70Repair of Sony CA-TX70.CA-TX70 repair
CNA-1Repair of Sony CNA-1.CNA-1 repair
DCR-VX2000Repair of Sony DCR-VX2000. Note that most of spare parts of DV mechanism in this model are no longer supplied and repair may not be possible.DCR-VX2000 repair
DCR-VX2100Repair of Sony DCR-VX2100. Note that most of spare parts of DV mechanism in this model are no longer supplied and repair may not be possible.DCR-VX2100 repair
DEV-5KRepair of Sony DEV-5K.DEV-5K repair
DFS-900MRepair of Sony DFS-900M.DFS-900M repair
DSR-11Repair of Sony DSR-11.DSR-11 repair
DSR-20Repair of Sony DSR-20.DSR-20 repair
DSR-25Repair of Sony DSR-25.DSR-25 repair
DSR-40Repair of Sony DSR-40.DSR-40 repair
DSR-45Repair of Sony DSR-45.DSR-45 repair
DSR-45APRepair of Sony DSR-45AP.DSR-45AP repair
DSR-50Repair of Sony DSR-50.DSR-50 repair
DSR-70Repair of Sony DSR-70.DSR-70 repair
DSR-85Repair of Sony DSR-85.
DVW-970PRepair of Sony DVW-970P.DVW-970P repair
DXC-D55WSPLRepair of Sony DXC-D55WSPL.DXC-D55WSPL repair
F23Repair of Sony F23.F23 repair
F35Repair of Sony F35.F35 repair
F65Repair of Sony F65.F65 repair
F65RSRepair of Sony F65RS.F65RS repair
FDR-AX1Repair of Sony FDR-AX1.FDR-AX1 repair
FDR-AX100ERepair of Sony FDR-AX100E.FDR-AX100E repair
FDR-AX1ERepair of Sony FDR-AX1E.FDR-AX1E repair
FDR-AX33Repair of Sony FDR-AX33.FDR-AX33 repair
FDR-AX53Repair of Sony FDR-AX53.FDR-AX53 repair
FDR-AXP33Repair of Sony FDR-AXP33.FDR-AXP33 repair
GV-D1000Repair of Sony GV-D1000.GV-D1000 repair
GV-D1000ERepair of Sony GV-D1000E.GV-D1000E repair
GV-D200Repair of Sony GV-D200.GV-D200 repair
GV-D200ERepair of Sony GV-D200E.GV-D200E repair
GV-D300ERepair of Sony GV-D300E.
GV-D800Repair of Sony GV-D800.GV-D800 repair
GV-D800ERepair of Sony GV-D800E.GV-D800E repair
GV-D900ERepair of Sony GV-D900E.GV-D900E repair
HDC-1000Repair of Sony HDC-1000.HDC-1000 repair
HDC-1400Repair of Sony HDC-1400.HDC-1400 repair
HDC-1700Repair of Sony HDC-1700.HDC-1700 repair
HDC-2000BRepair of Sony HDC-2000B.HDC-2000B repair
HDC-2000WRepair of Sony HDC-2000W.HDC-2000W repair
HDC-2400Repair of Sony HDC-2400.HDC-2400 repair
HDC-2500Repair of Sony HDC-2500.HDC-2500 repair
HDC-2570Repair of Sony HDC-2570.HDC-2570 repair
HDC-4300Repair of Sony HDC-4300.HDC-4300 repair
HDC-4800Repair of Sony HDC-4800.
HDC-P1-ARepair of Sony HDC-P1-A.HDC-P1-A repair
HDC-P43Repair of Sony HDC-P43.HDC-P43 repair
HDC-X300Repair of Sony HDC-X300.HDC-X300 repair
HDC-X300KRepair of Sony HDC-X300K.
HDC-X310Repair of Sony HDC-X310.HDC-X310 repair
HDC-X310KRepair of Sony HDC-X310K.HDC-X310K repair
HDCE-100Repair of Sony HDCE-100.HDCE-100 repair
HDCE-200Repair of Sony HDCE-200.HDCE-200 repair
HDCU-1700Repair of Sony HDCU-1700.HDCU-1700 repair
HDCU-2000Repair of Sony HDCU-2000.HDCU-2000 repair
HDCU-2500Repair of Sony HDCU-2500.HDCU-2500 repair
HDCU-4300Repair of Sony HDCU-4300.HDCU-4300 repair
HDFA-200Repair of Sony HDFA-200.HDFA-200 repair
HDFX-200Repair of Sony HDFX-200.HDFX-200 repair
HDJ-1000Repair of Sony HDJ-1000.
HDR-AX2000ERepair of Sony HDR-AX2000E.HDR-AX2000E repair
HDR-FX1Repair of Sony HDR-FX1.HDR-FX1 repair
HDR-FX7Repair of Sony HDR-FX7.HDR-FX7 repair
HDTX-200Repair of Sony HDTX-200.HDTX-200 repair
HDW-1800Repair of Sony HDW-1800.HDW-1800 repair
HDW-2000Repair of Sony HDW-2000.HDW-2000 repair
HDW-250Repair of Sony HDW-250.HDW-250 repair
HDW-650FRepair of Sony HDW-650F.HDW-650F repair
HDW-650PRepair of Sony HDW-650P.HDW-650P repair
HDW-790Repair of Sony HDW-790.HDW-790 repair
HDW-D1800Repair of Sony HDW-D1800.HDW-D1800 repair
HDW-D2000Repair of Sony HDW-D2000.HDW-D2000 repair
HDW-F900RRepair of Sony HDW-F900R.HDW-F900R repair
HDW-M2000Repair of Sony HDW-M2000.HDW-M2000 repair
HDW-M2100Repair of Sony HDW-M2100.HDW-M2100 repair
HDW-S2000Repair of Sony HDW-S2000.HDW-S2000 repair
HDW-S280Repair of Sony HDW-S280.HDW-S280 repair
HFBK-HD1Repair of Sony HFBK-HD1.HFBK-HD1 repair
HFBK-SD1Repair of Sony HFBK-SD1.
HFBK-XG1Repair of Sony HFBK-XG1.
HKC-DF20Repair of Sony HKC-DF20.HKC-DF20 repair
HKC-HB10Repair of Sony HKC-HB10.HKC-HB10 repair
HKC-HB15Repair of Sony HKC-HB15.HKC-HB15 repair
HKC-P3300Repair of Sony HKC-P3300.HKC-P3300 repair
HKC-SM27Repair of Sony HKC-SM27.HKC-SM27 repair
HKC-T1500Repair of Sony HKC-T1500.HKC-T1500 repair
HKC-T3300Repair of Sony HKC-T3300.HKC-T3300 repair
HKC-TR27Repair of Sony HKC-TR27.
HKCU-FP2Repair of Sony HKCU-FP2.HKCU-FP2 repair
HKCU-HB10Repair of Sony HKCU-HB10.HKCU-HB10 repair
HKCU-HB15Repair of Sony HKCU-HB15.HKCU-HB15 repair
HKCU-SM100Repair of Sony HKCU-SM100.HKCU-SM100 repair
HSC-100RRepair of Sony HSC-100R.HSC-100R repair
HSC-100RFRepair of Sony HSC-100RF.HSC-100RF repair
HSC-300RRepair of Sony HSC-300R.HSC-300R repair
HSC-300RFRepair of Sony HSC-300RF.HSC-300RF repair
HSCU-300RRepair of Sony HSCU-300R.HSCU-300R repair
HSCU-300RFRepair of Sony HSCU-300RF.HSCU-300RF repair
HVM-10Repair of Sony HVM-10.
HVR-1500Repair of Sony HVR-1500.HVR-1500 repair
HVR-1500ARepair of Sony HVR-1500A.HVR-1500A repair
HVR-A1Repair of Sony HVR-A1.HVR-A1 repair
HVR-DR60Repair of Sony HVR-DR60.HVR-DR60 repair
HVR-HD1000Repair of Sony HVR-HD1000.HVR-HD1000 repair
HVR-M10Repair of Sony HVR-M10.HVR-M10 repair
HVR-M15Repair of Sony HVR-M15.HVR-M15 repair
HVR-M15AERepair of Sony HVR-M15AE.HVR-M15AE repair
HVR-M25Repair of Sony HVR-M25.HVR-M25 repair
HVR-M25AERepair of Sony HVR-M25AE.HVR-M25AE repair
HVR-M35Repair of Sony HVR-M35.HVR-M35 repair
HVR-M35ERepair of Sony HVR-M35E.HVR-M35E repair
HVR-MRC1KRepair of Sony HVR-MRC1K.HVR-MRC1K repair
HVR-S270Repair of Sony HVR-S270.HVR-S270 repair
HVR-V1Repair of Sony HVR-V1.HVR-V1 repair
HVR-Z1Repair of Sony HVR-Z1.HVR-Z1 repair
HVR-Z1ERepair of Sony HVR-Z1E.HVR-Z1E repair
HVR-Z5Repair of Sony HVR-Z5.HVR-Z5 repair
HVR-Z7Repair of Sony HVR-Z7.HVR-Z7 repair
HXC-100Repair of Sony HXC-100.HXC-100 repair
HXC-FB75HRepair of Sony HXC-FB75H.HXC-FB75H repair
HXC-FB75KCRepair of Sony HXC-FB75KC.HXC-FB75KC repair
HXC-FB75SCRepair of Sony HXC-FB75SC.HXC-FB75SC repair
HXC-P70Repair of Sony HXC-P70.HXC-P70 repair
HXCE-FB70Repair of Sony HXCE-FB70.HXCE-FB70 repair
HXCU-D70Repair of Sony HXCU-D70.HXCU-D70 repair
HXCU-FB70Repair of Sony HXCU-FB70.HXCU-FB70 repair
HXCU-TX70Repair of Sony HXCU-TX70.HXCU-TX70 repair
HXR-MC1Repair of Sony HXR-MC1.HXR-MC1 repair
HXR-MC1500Repair of Sony HXR-MC1500.HXR-MC1500 repair
HXR-MC1500PRepair of Sony HXR-MC1500P.HXR-MC1500P repair
HXR-MC2000Repair of Sony HXR-MC2000.HXR-MC2000 repair
HXR-MC2000ERepair of Sony HXR-MC2000E.HXR-MC2000E repair
HXR-MC2500Repair of Sony HXR-MC2500.HXR-MC2500 repair
HXR-NX100Repair of Sony HXR-NX100.HXR-NX100 repair
HXR-NX3Repair of Sony HXR-NX3.HXR-NX3 repair
HXR-NX3-1Repair of Sony HXR-NX3-1.HXR-NX3-1 repair
HXR-NX3-VG1Repair of Sony HXR-NX3-VG1.HXR-NX3-VG1 repair
HXR-NX30Repair of Sony HXR-NX30.HXR-NX30 repair
HXR-NX30ERepair of Sony HXR-NX30E.HXR-NX30E repair
HXR-NX30PRepair of Sony HXR-NX30P.HXR-NX30P repair
HXR-NX5Repair of Sony HXR-NX5.HXR-NX5 repair
HXR-NX5ERepair of Sony HXR-NX5E.HXR-NX5E repair
HXR-NX5RRepair of Sony HXR-NX5R.HXR-NX5R repair
HXR-NX70Repair of Sony HXR-NX70.HXR-NX70 repair
HZC-CSM10Repair of Sony HZC-CSM10.HZC-CSM10 repair
HZC-PSFP1Repair of Sony HZC-PSFP1.HZC-PSFP1 repair
HZC-RCP5Repair of Sony HZC-RCP5.HZC-RCP5 repair
ICP-X7000Repair of Sony ICP-X7000.ICP-X7000 repair
MCS-8MRepair of Sony MCS-8M.MCS-8M repair
MCX-500Repair of Sony MCX-500.
MSU-1000Repair of Sony MSU-1000.MSU-1000 repair
MSU-1500Repair of Sony MSU-1500.
MVS-3000Repair of Sony MVS-3000.MVS-3000 repair
MVS-3000ARepair of Sony MVS-3000A.
MVS-6520Repair of Sony MVS-6520.MVS-6520 repair
MVS-7000XRepair of Sony MVS-7000X.MVS-7000X repair
MVS-8000XRepair of Sony MVS-8000X.MVS-8000X repair
NEX-EA50Repair of Sony NEX-EA50.NEX-EA50 repair
NEX-EA50EHRepair of Sony NEX-EA50EH.NEX-EA50EH repair
NEX-EA50MRepair of Sony NEX-EA50M.NEX-EA50M repair
NEX-FS100Repair of Sony NEX-FS100.
NEX-FS100ERepair of Sony NEX-FS100E.NEX-FS100E repair
NEX-FS100EKRepair of Sony NEX-FS100EK.NEX-FS100EK repair
NEX-FS100PRepair of Sony NEX-FS100P.NEX-FS100P repair
NEX-FS100PKRepair of Sony NEX-FS100PK.NEX-FS100PK repair
NEX-FS700Repair of Sony NEX-FS700.NEX-FS700 repair
NEX-FS700ERepair of Sony NEX-FS700E.NEX-FS700E repair
NEX-FS700EKRepair of Sony NEX-FS700EK.NEX-FS700EK repair
NEX-FS700KRepair of Sony NEX-FS700K.NEX-FS700K repair
NEX-FS700RRepair of Sony NEX-FS700R.NEX-FS700R repair
NEX-FS700RHRepair of Sony NEX-FS700RH.NEX-FS700RH repair
NEX-VG10ERepair of Sony NEX-VG10E.NEX-VG10E repair
NEX-VG20ERepair of Sony NEX-VG20E.NEX-VG20E repair
NEX-VG20EHRepair of Sony NEX-VG20EH.NEX-VG20EH repair
NEX-VG30ERepair of Sony NEX-VG30E.NEX-VG30E repair
NEX-VG30EHRepair of Sony NEX-VG30EH.NEX-VG30EH repair
NEX-VG900Repair of Sony NEX-VG900.NEX-VG900 repair
NEX-VG900-PRORepair of Sony NEX-VG900-PRO.NEX-VG900-PRO repair
NEX-VG900ERepair of Sony NEX-VG900E.NEX-VG900E repair
NXL-FR318Repair of Sony NXL-FR318.NXL-FR318 repair
NXL-IP4FRepair of Sony NXL-IP4F.NXL-IP4F repair
NXL-IP55Repair of Sony NXL-IP55.NXL-IP55 repair
NXLK-IP40FRepair of Sony NXLK-IP40F.NXLK-IP40F repair
OMW-F355LRepair of Sony OMW-F355L.
OTM-10GSR1Repair of Sony OTM-10GSR1.OTM-10GSR1 repair
PDW-1500Repair of Sony PDW-1500.PDW-1500 repair
PDW-510Repair of Sony PDW-510.PDW-510 repair
PDW-530Repair of Sony PDW-530.PDW-530 repair
PDW-530PRepair of Sony PDW-530P.PDW-530P repair
PDW-680Repair of Sony PDW-680.PDW-680 repair
PDW-700Repair of Sony PDW-700.PDW-700 repair
PDW-800Repair of Sony PDW-800.PDW-800 repair
PDW-850Repair of Sony PDW-850.PDW-850 repair
PDW-D1Repair of Sony PDW-D1.PDW-D1 repair
PDW-F1600Repair of Sony PDW-F1600.PDW-F1600 repair
PDW-F30Repair of Sony PDW-F30.PDW-F30 repair
PDW-F330Repair of Sony PDW-F330.PDW-F330 repair
PDW-F335Repair of Sony PDW-F335.PDW-F335 repair
PDW-F350Repair of Sony PDW-F350.PDW-F350 repair
PDW-F355Repair of Sony PDW-F355.PDW-F355 repair
PDW-F355LRepair of Sony PDW-F355L.PDW-F355L repair
PDW-F70Repair of Sony PDW-F70.
PDW-F75Repair of Sony PDW-F75.PDW-F75 repair
PDW-F800Repair of Sony PDW-F800.PDW-F800 repair
PDW-HD1200Repair of Sony PDW-HD1200.PDW-HD1200 repair
PDW-HD1500Repair of Sony PDW-HD1500.PDW-HD1500 repair
PDW-HD1550Repair of Sony PDW-HD1550.PDW-HD1550 repair
PDW-HR1Repair of Sony PDW-HR1.PDW-HR1 repair
PDW-R1Repair of Sony PDW-R1.PDW-R1 repair
PDW-U1Repair of Sony PDW-U1.PDW-U1 repair
PDW-U2Repair of Sony PDW-U2.PDW-U2 repair
PDW-V1Repair of Sony PDW-V1.
PMW-100Repair of Sony PMW-100.
PMW-1000Repair of Sony PMW-1000.PMW-1000 repair
PMW-150Repair of Sony PMW-150.
PMW-160Repair of Sony PMW-160.PMW-160 repair
PMW-200Repair of Sony PMW-200.PMW-200 repair
PMW-300Repair of Sony PMW-300.PMW-300 repair
PMW-300K1Repair of Sony PMW-300K1.PMW-300K1 repair
PMW-300K2Repair of Sony PMW-300K2.PMW-300K2 repair
PMW-320Repair of Sony PMW-320.PMW-320 repair
PMW-320KRepair of Sony PMW-320K.PMW-320K repair
PMW-320LRepair of Sony PMW-320L.PMW-320L repair
PMW-350Repair of Sony PMW-350.
PMW-350KRepair of Sony PMW-350K.PMW-350K repair
PMW-350LRepair of Sony PMW-350L.PMW-350L repair
PMW-400Repair of Sony PMW-400.PMW-400 repair
PMW-400KRepair of Sony PMW-400K.PMW-400K repair
PMW-400LRepair of Sony PMW-400L.PMW-400L repair
PMW-50Repair of Sony PMW-50.PMW-50 repair
PMW-500Repair of Sony PMW-500.
PMW-EX1Repair of Sony PMW-EX1.
PMW-EX1RRepair of Sony PMW-EX1R.
PMW-EX3Repair of Sony PMW-EX3.
PMW-EX30Repair of Sony PMW-EX30.
PMW-F3Repair of Sony PMW-F3.
PMW-F355K-2Repair of Sony PMW-F355K-2.
PMW-F3ERepair of Sony PMW-F3E.PMW-F3E repair
PMW-F3KRepair of Sony PMW-F3K.PMW-F3K repair
PMW-F3LRepair of Sony PMW-F3L.PMW-F3L repair
PMW-F5Repair of Sony PMW-F5.PMW-F5 repair
PMW-F55Repair of Sony PMW-F55.PMW-F55 repair
PMW-F55LIVERepair of Sony PMW-F55LIVE.PMW-F55LIVE repair
PMW-F800Repair of Sony PMW-F800.PMW-F800 repair
PMW-PZ1Repair of Sony PMW-PZ1.PMW-PZ1 repair
PMW-RX50Repair of Sony PMW-RX50.PMW-RX50 repair
PMW-TD300Repair of Sony PMW-TD300.PMW-TD300 repair
PMW-X160Repair of Sony PMW-X160.PMW-X160 repair
PMW-X180Repair of Sony PMW-X180.PMW-X180 repair
PMW-X200Repair of Sony PMW-X200.PMW-X200 repair
PMW-X70Repair of Sony PMW-X70.PMW-X70 repair
PMW-Z100Repair of Sony PMW-Z100.PMW-Z100 repair
PMW-Z150Repair of Sony PMW-Z150.PMW-Z150 repair
PWS-100NM1Repair of Sony PWS-100NM1.PWS-100NM1 repair
PXW-FS5Repair of Sony PXW-FS5. 4K XDCAM Super35 handheldPXW-FS5 repair
PXW-FS5KRepair of Sony PXW-FS5K. 4K XDCAM Super35 handheld w/LensPXW-FS5K repair
PXW-FS7Repair of Sony PXW-FS7. 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Camcorder with 18-110mm servo zoom lensPXW-FS7 repair
PXW-FS7KRepair of Sony PXW-FS7K. 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Camcorder with 18-110mm servo zoom lensPXW-FS7K repair
PXW-FS7M2Repair of Sony PXW-FS7M2. 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Camcorder with 18-110mm servo zoom lensPXW-FS7M2 repair
PXW-X160Repair of Sony PXW-X160.PXW-X160 repair
PXW-X180Repair of Sony PXW-X180.PXW-X180 repair
PXW-X200Repair of Sony PXW-X200.PXW-X200 repair
PXW-X320Repair of Sony PXW-X320.PXW-X320 repair
PXW-X400Repair of Sony PXW-X400. Three 2/3-inch type Exmor CMOS sensors XDCAM weight-balanced advanced shoulder camcorderPXW-X400 repair
PXW-X500Repair of Sony PXW-X500.PXW-X500 repair
PXW-X70Repair of Sony PXW-X70.PXW-X70 repair
PXW-Z100Repair of Sony PXW-Z100.PXW-Z100 repair
PXW-Z150Repair of Sony PXW-Z150. 4K Handheld XDCAM Professional CamcorderPXW-Z150 repair
PXW-Z450Repair of Sony PXW-Z450. 4K 2/3-type CMOS sensor weight-balanced advanced shoulder camcorderPXW-Z450 repair
RCP-1000Repair of Sony RCP-1000.RCP-1000 repair
RCP-1001Repair of Sony RCP-1001.RCP-1001 repair
RCP-1500Repair of Sony RCP-1500.RCP-1500 repair
RCP-1501Repair of Sony RCP-1501.RCP-1501 repair
RCP-1530Repair of Sony RCP-1530.RCP-1530 repair
RM-B150Repair of Sony RM-B150.RM-B150 repair
RM-B170Repair of Sony RM-B170.RM-B170 repair
RM-BR300Repair of Sony RM-BR300.RM-BR300 repair
RM-IP10Repair of Sony RM-IP10.RM-IP10 repair
SBAC-US20Repair of Sony SBAC-US20.SBAC-US20 repair
SBAC-US30Repair of Sony SBAC-US30.SBAC-US30 repair
SBAC-UT100Repair of Sony SBAC-UT100.SBAC-UT100 repair
SRG-300HRepair of Sony SRG-300H.SRG-300H repair
SRG-300SERepair of Sony SRG-300SE.SRG-300SE repair
SRG-360SHERepair of Sony SRG-360SHE.SRG-360SHE repair
XDS-1000Repair of Sony XDS-1000.XDS-1000 repair
XDS-PD2000Repair of Sony XDS-PD2000.XDS-PD2000 repair
XDS-PS1000Repair of Sony XDS-PS1000.
XVS-6000Repair of Sony XVS-6000.XVS-6000 repair
XVS-7000Repair of Sony XVS-7000.XVS-7000 repair
XVS-8000Repair of Sony XVS-8000.XVS-8000 repair
PXW-Z90VRepair of Sony PXW-Z90V. 4K broadcast palm-sized camcorder with Fast Hybrid AF, Instant HDR, 3G-SDIPXW-Z90V repair