Tape mechanism error C:32:11, C:31:23 or playback problem

This is one of the most frequent errors in Sony cameras (HDR-FX1, HVR-Z7, HDR-FX7, HDR-FX1000, DCR-VX2000 / 2100 and others).

Other errors, such as C:31:23, C:31:22, C:31:40 are also quite common.

The result is usually a message on the LCD screen about write-protected cassette, tape mechanism not loading and remains open, damaged tape or recording errors (especially during HDV recording).

The same effect may occur in a number of other models with the miniDV mechanism and HDV cassettes.

In BR Centre, such defects are usually repaired within one working day. If the tape mechanism is worn out or damaged, it will be replaced. After repair or replacement, all necessary adjustments are carried out.


Only original Sony and Panasonic spare parts are used.